Bernhard Rossmann
Bernhard Rossmann

Bernhard Rossmann
est. 1972
  • For the love of beauty
  • In tune with culture
  • As a matter of passion
Inspired by diversity and culture, beauty and design, love and passion.
This site shall simply serve as my very own reflection of the above. Read More
Spinning Globe
Bernhard B Rossmann
B for Bernhard

There is no sneaky customer journey here, trying to lure you into an abysmal sales-funnel. This site simply exists just because I do.
It's basically all about me being shamelessly exhibitionistic.

As an Anthropologist, I see myself defined by social relationships rather than work samples. Nevertheless, the following logos represent social entities I've either designed, developed or had the pleasure to work with.
  • lpz
  • sans_souci
  • wexelerate
  • gragger_chorherr_new
  • studio_h
  • healthlab
  • el_pescador
  • techgate
  • buccoo
  • conbrid
  • undersea_tobago
  • parship
  • everywhere_tobago
  • schwelle_vienna
  • millers_guesthouse
  • cr8
  • mala_sirena
  • wave
  • healing_with_horses
  • Masterful Rides

    Masterful Rides

    Virtuosity in Motion
  • Sensual Attractions

    Sensual Attractions

    Lovebirds and Snakebites
  • Sudden Death

    Sudden Death

    A cosmic reminder
Purely Personal
Under a constant construction.
A randomly evolving, picturesque, psycho-hygiene.
Featured Moments
It's about time to create the conditions for the collective design of a social utopia.
Pierre BourdieuGegenfeuer1998
Whatever it takes